Fly Marks Removal Auckland

Fly Marks Removal Auckland

Nasty housefly dirt, is acid based and can etch into the paint, if neglected it can result in permanent damage. Fly dirt left untreated will attract more flies, causing more fly dirt.

We’re the Best: Cheaper and faster fix*.

Before we begin your work, we will let you know:

  • What’s happening
  • How we’ll do it
  • Cost details
  • How long it will take

At Above & Beyond Cleaning, we don’t just clean ceilings; we transform spaces.

Call 09 2220008 (office hours) or 0274 870557 (after hours) and Request an Estimate today!

We’re the Best: Cheaper, faster fix, less cost than repaint/replace

* Conditions apply: Painted surfaces can degrade over time. Skipping cleaning can incur permanent damage.


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