Roof Cleaning Auckland

Above & Beyond Cleaning offers roof cleaning in Aukland that can help you increase the life span of the roof. Our cleaning company is highly recommended by the locals around town.

Book your service today and get your roofs cleaned by our experts.

Commercial Roof Cleaning

An uncleaned roof is a perfect shelter for algae and moss to grow which can slowly spread to the walls of the buildings. This does not just look unpleasant but can affect the health of those working in your building.

Thus, it’s advisable to get the roofs cleaned routinely to keep them in their top shape.

No matter which industry you belong to, a clean roof is a must to make your office premises or commercial space welcoming to customers and clients. Dirty and ill-maintained roofs leave a bad impression. If you value your customers and clients, then join hands with our cleaning experts. We offer tailored solutions and clean roofs and slopes of all kinds. We can assure you that our cleaners do their job at the time that’s most convenient for you. They will never interrupt your business.

Residential Roof Cleaning

We also provide residential roof cleaning services to homeowners in Auckland. With our roof cleaning service, you can maintain the attic and ensure your house is free of infectious agents Trust us, you’ll see magic in just one service.

Moreover, if you are someone who loves to play host, it’s best to keep your house look clean, not just from the interior but the exterior as well. After all, the first meeting that your guests have with your house is with its exterior walls, patios, decks, and the roof.

Cleaning roofs do not just make your roofs look tidy but it reduces the cost of power bills. Algae and mould infestation leads to excessive absorption of heat (the favourite food of moulds and algae), raises the temperature of the house and this further leads to more power consumption. So, you must consider getting residential roof cleaning frequently.

Local Auckland Roof Cleaning Specialists

Our in-house roof cleaning specialists can climb on any kind of roof and clean it using the best technology. They’re well trained in their roles and hence will never leave any room for complaints.

From cleaning sidings to flashing, they clean every component of the roof to make it spic and span. Our cleaners offer custom solutions based on the need and the material of the roofs.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Cover up things that may get dirty during the cleaning process.
  • Disconnect downpipes.
  • Placing nets over drains so that debris doesn't pass through the drain with water.
  • Pressure wash the roof.
  • Remove moss, algae, and mould.
  • Clean gutters, downpipes, and drains.

You will not have to do any of this if you hire professional services. They will take care of the cleaning for you.

Yes, roof cleaning is a good idea as it can prevent or stop the damage and maintain the structural integrity of the roof. It can help you get rid of the debris and dust that may have accumulated on the roof due to strong winds, snow, and heavy rainfall. Roof cleaning helps to increase the life of the roof and eliminates the need for roof replacement.

Yes, you can clean the roof on your own, but remember this job is full of risks. Climbing on a sloped roof and then performing cleaning tasks isn't easy. Also, the home DIYs to clean roofs aren't that effective, hence it's better to delegate this responsibility to professional cleaners.