Ceiling & Wall Cleaning Process

  • Move any furniture that is obstructing the area to be cleaned
  • Cover all furniture, paintings, soft furnishings, drapes etc to ensure your contents are protected.
  • Spray your ceilings and/or walls with our pressurised wand system
  • Scrub and clean all surfaces to restore your ceiling and/or walls to the original condition *NB Conditions apply.
  • Clean all light fittings and fixtures (ceilings only)
  • Clean all switches and power points (walls only)
  • Clean all architraves and skirting’s (walls only)
  • Clean all sprinklers
  • Clean all light fixtures, signs and graphics that are suspended from the ceiling

Benefits of a Professional Ceiling Clean

  • Extends the life of your ceiling
  • No business interruption
    – Work can be done after hours
  • Saves money on painting or replacing
    – Up to 75% less than painting
  • Improves the appearance of your ceiling
  • Improves the transmission of light and increases productivity.
    – Dirty ceilings can reduce the amount of light transmitted by as much as 10%
  • Improves your business appearance and image

Benefits of a Domestic Ceiling Clean

  • Mproves the appearance of your ceiling
  • Saves money on painting or replacing
    – Up to 75% less than painting
  • Extends the life of your ceiling
    – Regular cleaning prevents dirt and grime from etching into your paint work
  • Removes odours
    – Micro-organisms grow on ceiling and wall surfaces and create odours. When fatty and amino acids are removed, so are the odours
  • Sanitizes, disinfects and deodorizes
  • Protects your family’s health
    – Kills bacteria, mould, yeast and fungi
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