The Ultimate Checklist For Making Your Roof Ready For Spring

If you have a roof over your head, you are safe. The roof of your house gives you shade, protects you from rain and sunlight, and keeps you safe. And in order to protect you from everything, your roof takes the beating all around the year, which can lead to damage, leaks, and all sorts of problems. 

But, as the spring rolls around and you get ready to dive into spring cleaning, make sure you don’t overlook one thing that always looks after you – your roof. Yes, this might seem like a challenging job, but, frankly speaking, conducting a roof cleaning Auckland every once in a while can not only make your roofs last longer but can also increase the appeal of your curb. 

 Below are the top 5 checklist items to make sure your roof is spring ready. 

Look for any damaged or worn shingles.

 Before we take a closer look and get our hands dirty, let’s start with the most obvious and easy one, which is looking for any damaged, worn, or missing shingles. Your roof takes everything nature throws at it, which can lead to a damaged shingle, which not only compromises the safety of your house but affects the look of it too.

Clean your roof 

After you’re done with the first checklist item, it’s time to start cleaning. Get rid of any derbies, leaves, or any other waste that has accumulated over time. Also, make sure you clean the gutters too.

Look for bird nests When you’re cleaning your roof, make sure to be careful and look for any bird nests so you can avoid doing any harm to them. Just like you’re taking care of your house, it’s their house too. And while you will have to remove the nest in the cleaning process, it’s important not to hurt any other living being. Speaking of safety, make sure you don’t hurt yourself either. Make sure you’re with someone and take proper safety precautions.

Take care of surrounding branches. 

Do you have a big tree around your house? Or maybe not one but many big trees? One of them might even be your favourite one. Just make sure its branches are not lingering over your rooftop; otherwise, even your favourite tree can cause damage to your roof, costing you your precious time and money. So if there are any branches above the rooftop, get them cut.

Attic Cleaning Is Important Too

Once you’re done with the roof’s exterior, it’s now time to make sure the interior of the roof is as clean and spring-ready as the exterior. What you’re looking for is any kind of leaks, water damage, sitting water, cracks, etc. If water can get inside the attic, it can potentially cause more damage. Hence, you would have more stuff to fix later. So make sure you check your attic thoroughly. And there you go, you have some of the most important checklist items to cross off listed above. 

Summing It Up

Adding lilac flowers, redecorating the curb and changing the appeal of your curb are what most people do when it comes to spring cleaning. But, honestly, if you truly want to make your homes spring-ready, you must take care of the roofs too. Just look for any damages, clean off the debris and make sure it is not being damaged by the nearby branches.

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